Cosmetic Dentistry using Bioclear


Do you have black triangles between your teeth?

Do your fillings keep breaking and require replacement?

Are you unhappy with your smile and would like a cost-effective option?

Bioclear can help you achieve your perfect smile.

Bioclear Composite restorations is an innovative USA composite restoration system which comes under the term of minimally invasive dentistry. This is a term given to treatments that preserve all or most of tooth structure, and often require no injections to carry out the work.

The treatment itself is less expensive than other options like veneers and is faster. It also lasts an exceptionally long time, with on average BioClear composites lasting up to ten years.

Am I suitable for Bioclear?

Do you have any of the following?

  • Black triangles often caused by bone loss and recession of the gum affect up to 30% of adults. They can also develop if the teeth move during orthodontic treatment. These dark gaps can encourage plaque build-up, accumulate food debris and make your smile look older. Bioclear offers a cost-effective approach to closing these unsightly spaces with minimal tooth preparation.
  • Diastemas are the vertical gap between two teeth. Many patients choose to close them for Cosmetic Reasons. Bioclear is a simple and conservative technique that offers a fantastic solution to this.
  • Trauma causing damage and chipping of the teeth. Bioclear can rebuild the teeth with strong fillings ensuring a long-lasting and cosmetically pleasing smile.
  • Discoloured Teeth Bioclear can cover up discoloured teeth and restore your natural looking smile.
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      Here are also some of the common aesthetic dislikes that can be corrected with Bioclear:

      • Black Triangles
      • Diastemas
      • Post Orthodontic treatment imperfections
      • Visibly transparent or discoloured teeth
      • Undersized teeth
      • Gaps in between the teeth


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