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What is MIMI® – Flapless?

MIMI®-Flapless is a Minimally Invasive Method of Dental Implantation where no incision of gingival tissues and consequently no sutures are required! Traditional implant placement procedures involve cutting the gum or in other words, opening the mucoperiosteal flap which is more invasive procedure and requires stitching afterwards. Furthermore, it not only is minimally invasive but it also protects the existing bone by compacting it rather than removing it.



Why MIMI® – Flapless is so excellent and successful and how does it work?

After the simple injection in patients mouth dentist starts the insertion process by drilling into the soft tissues and the bone by increasing the size of the bur so that the cavity is smaller than the diameter of the implant thread chosen to a patient by the dentist. The implant is then placed with a force that is carefully controlled, which allows the bone to be condensed and preserved.

When MIMI® – Flapless Dental Implantation cannot be used?

Sometimes patients have an extensive bone loss or defects where in order to place an implant bone augmentation or sinus lift is required. In this case the incision of micoperiosteal flap is needed, so that the bone grafting material can be inserted and implant placement carried out. This means that MIMI® – Flapless Implantation Method cannot be directly implemented, however by applying a special technique, indirect sinus lifts can be performed over the approx. 1.3 mm – diameter and 2-3 mm in height.

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