“I was very impressed with the protective measures in place for patients and staff. I work in the local hospital and I have passed on some of your ideas. The clear box for patients’ belongings was a great idea. We will use that in outpatients when face to face examinations take place. I appreciate that it is a fuss and the timelines are attenuated, but also wish thank and encourage you.”
Sara Baker

“I have been a patient of Highcliffe Dental Care for almost four years, and can honestly say that out of all the dentists I have been too, and I have been to many over my 73 years, this is by far the best! Apart from the first class dental care that you receive, Anta is a very caring, kind, sympathetic and genuine person, her team are naturally the same.
Her fees are also cheaper than most dentists in the area, and her surgery is lovely and bright and modern.
I would thoroughly recommend this Surgery. I would give a full five stars!”
Mr J. Powell

“After years of having ill fitting crowns for a missing front tooth, Anta was recommended to me and I haven’t looked back. She fitted an implant which I am really happy with. I had complete confidence in Anta, her and her team are fantastic, sympathetic and very helpful. Prices are great compared to some of the other quotes I received and other issues I’ve had have been diagnosed correctly and I never feel I’m being fleeced, unlike other dentists I have visited. Highly recommend them!”

“For anyone looking for a professional efficient dentist who goes out of their way to give you the very best treatment in a very genuine kind, caring and concerned way, I have no hesitation in recommending Dr.Rasa Zemulaityte. I cannot praise or thank her highly enough for my recent dental treatment at the Highcliffe Dental Care practice.”
Mrs Kathleen

“Thank you for your excellent dental treatment. I had a filling which required considerable and lengthy drilling and filling. Well done.”

“I would like to say a big thank you to Anta for the amazing work she has done in saving teeth I have and in replacing those I have lost. Anta and her staff are always cheerful, friendly and helpful, making an anxious visit to the dentist into a relaxing experience!”

“Hi A chip broke away from one of my bottom teeth which was so bad I thought that I would need a crown. I phoned Highcliffe Dental Care, my regular dentist and they squeezed me in an appointment the next day. I was delighted to find out that I didn’t need a crown, Anta repaired my tooth back to it’s original state, all at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this practice.”
Mr J.Powell

“Had a filling done by Dr Rasa two weeks ago. It was to fill a gap made by a crossways slice being chipped off the front of a central lower tooth. The result so exceeded my expectations that it was difficult to believe, nobody can tell me which tooth it was. Thank you so much for brilliant work”